Web analytics

Web analytics

Web analytics offers limitless opportunities for optimizing and improving not only your website but also your company’s business processes.

If you don’t have a developed infrastructure for collecting data, as well as tools for analyzing and interpreting this data, you won’t be able to determine what you should do to understand your customers and maintain a profitable relationship with them.

What is Web Analytics?

So, what are web analytics? Let’s say you have a website. You either promote some product/services through it, or it’s just a resource that provides certain info. In any case, you need quality potential customers or quality visitors. To get them, you promote the site with SEO, contextual advertising, email marketing, and so on. But for some reason, your product or service isn’t as popular as you’d like despite your efforts. Why is this happening? Web analytics provides answers to all these questions.

Web analytics is a process of collecting, measuring, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on website traffic.

Web analytics main tasks:

  • Identifying the most efficient and cost-effective traffic sources;
  • Identifying the website’s weakest spots;
  • Web traffic analytics;
  • Determining the potential for increasing the site’s conversion;
  • Reducing the cost of attracting one customer.

Web analytics features

The possibilities of analytics systems are virtually unlimited, and they can be applied in a wide variety of business sectors. But usually, website owners want to increase either the number of visits or the conversion of these visits into sales. In this case, the conversion is affected by many factors. But the analyst can only affect two of them: advertising traffic and the site’s interface.

Thus, one of the areas for analytics is website usability improvement. For example, we can improve the advertising campaign with the help of behavioral analysis. Based on the received data, we can make recommendations for UI improvements. Then the changes are implemented and tested.

Other web analytics services that we provide:

  • Website’s goals analysis;
  • Analysis of traffic efficiency from search engines;
  • Contextual advertising effectiveness analysis;
  • Display advertising effectiveness analysis;
  • Website navigation analysis based on Google Analytics data;
  • Many more.

Google web analytics

Web analytics is a complex and multifaceted process. Therefore, experts need a convenient tool for collecting statistics, such as Google Analytics. This service is designed to collect information about users’ attendance and actions on your website. The tool provides us with different reports, based on which you can build a strategy for website promotion.

In other words, Google Analytics gives us an opportunity to understand who visited your website, when they did it, and why they did it. Comprehensive analysis of the target audience allows you to respond to user requests quickly.

What you can learn by analyzing Google Analytics reports

1) Your website’s speed. When a visitor has to wait for too long until your website’s page loads, their desire to leave it increases every second. Analyzing the site load speed, a web analytics consulting expert can find the cause of stutters and fix it.

2) Visitors’ actions. Every webmaster is interested in what visitors do on their website: what pages they visit, which links they followed to go to your site, etc. Google Analytics can provide a detailed analysis of all these aspects.

3) The number of mobile users. Not only PC users but also owners of mobile devices visit your website. Google Analytics can tell us what devices they use so we could adapt the site for gadget owners.

4) The effectiveness of advertising on the site. We can evaluate the effectiveness of the contextual advertising on your website’s pages. The analysis of advertising spaces will show how successfully the advertising blocks attract visitors.

5) The effectiveness of advertising on social networks. If you promote your site through social networks, Google Analytics will show which sites the users come from.

Web analytics tools

In addition to Google Analytics, we also use other web analytics software to achieve maximum efficiency.


Checkist is a service for complex site analytics. It can create a detailed analytical report on the site and identify errors that affect the conversion and the site’s ranking in search engines.


This is one of the best web analytics tools that allow us to learn more about user behavior on your website.


This service specializes in detailed reports on user behavior: who they are, where they come from, and how they interact with your website.


Using Mixpanel, we get detailed information about the level of user engagement, their behavior on the site and the conversion rate.

Open Web Analytics

This one is an open source web analytics tool that allows us to keep track of the influx of views on your website.