Boost Your Progress with Social Media Marketing

Social networks are the main platform for interacting with your client base. With such tools as SMM, they become a great solution for solving various tasks, such as increasing brand awareness, boosting customer interest and trust, stimulating trial and repeat sales, and so on.

What is social media marketing? In simple terms, it’s promotion of goods and services through social networks. Using a successful SMM strategy, you can draw new clients via online communities, blogs, and forums, winning their attention through advertising. SMM implies work with communities that cover the target client group.

How to SMM

SMM is in demand among both large companies and market leaders, as well as small and medium-sized businesses that use it to establish contact with their customers.

To successfully promote your services, social media marketing experts use several traditional techniques, like:

  • Creating a blog, group, or community on various platforms and filling them with specific content that describes your services or products;
  • Promotion of your accounts and groups;
  • Information messages in thematic communities;
  • Communication with users (direct marketing);
  • Direct advertising in thematic communities and groups;
  • Viral marketing;
  • Optimization of the company’s Internet resources for social media (SMO).

But even following the newest social media marketing trends, you shouldn’t expect an instant effect. SMM gives a long-term result, but only if targeted and used correctly. Its main advantage is low investment costs in comparison with the possible effect.

Social media as a marketing tool

How can you use social media for marketing? They can be an effective way to bring your fresh ideas to a huge audience, contacting people directly. Back in the day, companies used to promote their products through advertising in newspapers and magazines, which made two-way interaction with clients impossible. Currently, customers can contact the company they’re interested in themselves, leave feedback, and share their opinions.

Via social media, an SMM specialist can help you solve a lot of business-related issues. Here are some of them:

  • Informing potential and existing customers about your product/service;
  • Collecting feedback about your company or products;
  • Processing feedback;
  • Bringing people to your service.

Today, the importance of social media marketing is impossible to overestimate. Whatever business you’re running, it won’t succeed without advertising online and direct interaction with your clients.

Social media marketing strategy

SMM strategy is a general plan for promoting goods/services online. SMM should be meaningful, planned, and have clearly defined tasks. That’s why the main task of a social media marketing service is to formulate a strategy. Usually, it looks like this.

  • Set goals and objectives. Without goals, you won’t have a base for an accurate assessment of the success of SMM investments.
  • Audit past SMM activities. If you already had social media accounts, our specialists will assess their effectiveness.
  • Improve the database of accounts in social networks. Once the account audit is complete, we choose which networks match your business goals best.
  • Study the social media pages of competitors. Our expert studies your competitors’ activity online.
  • Create a content plan for your accounts.
  • Check, evaluate and adjust the social media marketing plan. We study your accounts to get the better idea of your target audience – its demographic statistics, interests, and needs. Based on the info received, we correct some details of the strategy.

Social media marketing software we use

Many successful SMM companies spend a minimum of time and resources, achieving impressive results at the same time. The secret of success lies in software. Here are just the basic tools we use to provide effective social media marketing strategies.

  • Lithium. This tool helps to make SMM smarter, optimizing the content we publish.
  • Loomly. This is a calendar tool with a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features that allows for creating high-quality content for major websites with millions of users. With Loomly, we’ll make every post on your Facebook page as efficient as possible.
  • Sync2CRM. This tool links your website’s CRM to the Facebook Ads platform. It saves a lot of time by automating a number of processes, allowing us to concentrate on more important tasks and use the benefits of social media marketing to our advantage.
  • Powtoon. Using this app’s pre-designed video templates, we can make up a video ad or explainer video in a couple of minutes, optimizing it for different platforms and upload it directly to your page.