Pay Per Click Advertising for Your Product

Want a quick and flexible sales tool with clear results? Start a Pay Per Click advertising campaign! You won’t be able to find a more efficient way to increase sales, introduce your services and products to potential clients, and draw attention to your company and brand.

Pay per click explained

Pay per click is an advertising model, in which the advertiser pays for every ad click a user makes. PPC ads are placed on websites via content providers, like search engines (MSN AdCenter, Google.Adwords, and others), social media advertising platforms, etc.

PPC is a handy tool for those who want to attract quality traffic to their landing page, as PPC advertising is mostly aimed at people’s expectations and requests. In contrast to traditional types of advertising on television or in the press that covers mostly random audience, PPC only covers potentially interested users.

PPC ads can be placed on various partner sites, search engine result pages (SERPs), as well as on social networks.

Search engine Pay Per Click ads usually consists of a header, a link to the advertiser’s website (the URL of the landing page) and a description of the product (ad text) and look identically to organic search results. Depending on the QS rating, sponsored links can be located in different places on the search engine page, more or less profitable from the point of view of users’ attention.

Pay per click services

PPC management includes a set of tasks aimed at launching and optimizing the advertising campaign. Our experts provide a wide range of services to assist you in achieving your goals fast and at minimal costs:

  • Business analysis. We conduct a full analysis of your field of activity, all services and products that will be advertised, study potential customers and their needs, and carefully study your competitors’ activity.
  • Semantic core collection. Our experts collect the entire list of queries users make when searching for your products or services online.
  • Analytical system setup. We set up analytical systems to track user activity on your website, identify the project’s weak spots, and monitor traffic changes.
  • PPC advertising campaign development. Your campaign will be created with the specifics of your business in mind and will include both social media ads and Google Pay Per Click ads.
  • Optimization recommendations. We will give you some useful tips for improving the relevance of your ads and reducing your cost per click.
  • Advertising campaign execution and maintenance. We conduct a detailed monthly analysis of your progress, adjust the strategy depending on your competitors’ actions, and optimize the budget.

Manage pay per click with us

Upon signing up for our PPC management program, we will contact you to develop an effective marketing strategy based on your company’s budget and goals. For instance, our PPC specialist can implement a Maximize Conversions bid strategy which provides a maximum of clicks for keyword phrases that bring target users to your site without exceeding the specified budget.

We customize Pay Per Click marketing strategies in three main steps.

Form the goals and objectives

We can design and run the campaign in a few days, and the result will be noticeable right away. By the way, this is one of the biggest differences between PPC advertising and SEO promotion strategies that usually take more time to develop.

Conduct a study

We create a customer profile and the algorithm for working with your clients, study your website, conduct competitive analysis and predict audience coverage.

Make up a plan

Our PPC consultants and experts create a list of keywords the campaign will be based on. Then they group requests according to the strategy, prepare and approve texts, and select landing pages.

In general, we make a strategy development process smooth with the help of tools, expertise, and technology. First, we get acquainted with your business and client base. Then, we develop a strategy.

Our main PPC tools

Here’s the list of the best PPC software we use to boost your sales.

  • AdWords Editor. The program makes it easy to work with large campaigns in Google AdWords. It has everything we need to edit and optimize your ads.
  • CallRail. This tool is used for tracking, recording phone calls, and analytics. CallRail combines Google Analytics and AdWords.
  • SEMrush. SEMrush is one of the best tools to learn valuable keywords and domain statistics of your competitors.
  • Ubersuggest. With the help of Ubersuggest, we find fresh keyword ideas for the PPC campaign. We just enter one keyword, and the tool offers thousands of similar queries.
  • Twitter Analytics. With its help, we can find out if the strategy is effective, how many people viewed your tweets, and in which countries your subscribers live.