Email marketing

Email marketing

Choose Email Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Product Online

Email marketing is an important tool for working with the target audience and promoting your business online. Its goal is to strengthen loyalty and ensure sales growth.

Despite the constantly evolving marketing practices, email marketing remains an effective instrument in an Internet marketer’s arsenal. It suits for a variety of purposes, from increasing direct sales to boosting customer engagement and receiving feedback. With our email marketing services, you can take your campaign to a new level.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a fundamental Internet marketing tool that allows you to build effective communication between your business and potential/existing customers for new and repeat sales without attracting additional advertising budgets.

Here are 4 characteristics of email marketing:

  • A small level of costs compared to other advertising techniques;
  • A huge database of active and potential customers;
  • Active dialogue between consumers and the company;
  • Automation.

Types of letters in email marketing

This form of marketing is based on various types of email letters that have their own purpose. Here are the main ones.

1) Welcome email. This is a letter that a potential client receives after confirming the subscription or registration on your website. It guarantees the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

2) Informational letter. This is one of the most common email formats. It can increase client loyalty through high-quality content.

3) Digest. Unlike informational letters, this type of email has a slightly different format – it’s a brief overview of new information (for example, an email with a list of the most popular products for the week).

4) Commercial letter. As a rule, this one is intended for direct sales. As for content, it can be an offer, a list of products your client may be interested in, or information about promotions.

5) Newsletter. It’s a series of letters that gradually increase the potential client’s interest in your services or products.

Email marketing: best practices

The difficulty of email marketing lies in an incredible number of opportunities it provides. They allow small and large businesses to plan effective email marketing campaigns. Here are five main email marketing tips and practices that help us take advantage of these opportunities.

Sales funnel automation

There are a lot of different tools that provide automated email marketing. Effective email newsletters will bring you profit round the clock.

Loyalty encouragement

We form a strategy for awarding the most active customers with special, individually selected offers. If you position yourself as a customer’s friend, their loyalty will increase dramatically.

Subscriber engagement

We place subscription forms on your sites and adjust email content to your audience’s mood. Our specialists study the main interests of those whom you want to attract.

Feedback establishment

Subscribers need to be reminded that emails from your company are actually important. Using a set of email marketing tools, we encourage them to respond to your letters and share their thoughts.

Subscriber database formation

This is perhaps the most important point. The quality of client database is the core of Internet marketing. We can build you an impeccable reputation among subscribers.

Email marketing software we use

Even if you know everything about how to do email marketing, you still can’t create a decent strategy without proper tools. That’s why, to achieve the results you want to see, we use the best software that boosts the effectiveness of your campaign.


MailChimp is a universal service for complex email marketing that offers many functions, including the ability to create adaptive emails and customize trigger campaigns without involving narrow specialists.


SendPulse is one of the most functional email marketing platforms for transactional, trigger, and bulk email and SMS mailing. The service uses adaptive letter templates.


Sendsay is a service that allows you to deeply segment the contact database, identifying potentially interesting segments with the help of analytical tools. For personalization, we can use dynamic content and generate individual promotional codes and attachments.


MailerLite is the optimal platform for working with small contact databases. It offers a user-friendly interface and a convenient drag-and-drop email editor.

Constant Contact

This one is the best email marketing service. Its Built-in analytics tools allow us to get maximum information about the status of the email marketing campaign. In addition, the platform has an impressive set of customizable templates, databases, and functions for integrating with social networks.