General Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

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General Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

General Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

There are indeed no modern people who haven’t heard about or used LinkedIn. This is owing to the main aim and task of the aforementioned business space: finding professional contacts in various spheres, including but not limited to IT, sales, various productions, and many more. But what actually differentiates this service from its more popular competitor, FaceBook, is the fact that it’s solely used for maintaining professional communication. That’s why every company’s LinkedIn profile page has become a crucial part of businesses’ market image. Is that enough to find potential clients? Probably not. Here’s why FIVE’s team offers you to step up your social media game and help you generate leads using LinkedIn.

What does this process consist of?

1. Basic preparations:

– Optimizing your profile. Let’s begin with something really basic – your company’s “image”. That is, your profile page. It’s not a secret that when you fill your page out correctly, it converts much better. On one hand, optimizing your page means describing your products and services in tiny details (if needed), on the other hand, explaining it so that even amateurs who seek certain services would understand that you offer what they actually search for. When generating leads, you need to take into account not only those who are keen on your products’ peculiarities but also those who are totally unaware. Obviously, the visual part of your page should look immaculate, or else you will have no chance to stand out among your competitors.

– Defining your target audience. Choosing the right audience is not only important to get the best result of a marketing campaign but also to avoid wasting your budget. Based on the potential image of your customer and predetermined demands, we choose one of the ready-made lists or pick a new one, considering location- and interests-related factors.

– Creating a chain of letters. This process can be fully realized by our team or be equal parts divided between your and our copywriters. The letters we send to the members of the chosen target audience are the pivotal mean of attraction of a lead. Those patterns (including minor changes personalization-wise) will become the representation of your team, therefore, they should be approved by both your and our project managers.

2. Implementation:

– We send up to 50 letters daily to the people who may be interested in your company’s products or services. Every letter includes personalized addressation. LinkedIn

– We check the results of the campaign daily and collect all the useful information e.g. contacts, requests into a Google spreadsheet available to the customer (you).

– Those who showed signs of interest in your services receive a second letter with further information about your company (at this point, we don’t sell yet but provide details).

– Our third message includes a call-to-action element (which is approved with the client).

– We keep you abreast of our progress by weekly sending reports and daily updating the aforementioned spreadsheet, in which we also maintain the level of interest of certain leads. We also upgrade and adjust the marketing campaign based on the results of a previous week.

3. What is the result for you as a client?

– Daily mailing with existing leads and general lead generation.

– Forming a list of new leads with in-depth analysis of potential sales and circumstantial specifics.

– Daily and weekly updates.

FIVE’s team is not only here to inform your prospective clients about your company but also to gather as many warm and qualified leads as it is possible in LinkedIn to ensure rapid sales growth and productive communication. We are waiting for your requests!