Case: a pharmaceutical company's site optimization

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Case: a pharmaceutical company's site optimization

Our company has been providing optimization services for the websites of various subjects for several years. And some of the projects deserve special attention both by an ordinary person and an entrepreneur who wants to improve the efficiency of their business.

Through this case, we would like to share with you the results of our work on optimizing the informational and training website of the Pharmaceutical company dedicated to Diabetes.

Resources and Tasks

The project had a limited budget of $ 500 per month for consulting, which included:

  • search for a writer;
  • internal optimization of the website;
  • creation of technical specifications for texts;
  • development of a content strategy plan;
  • creation of a strategy that would cover 80% of search queries for the theme “Diabetes.”


  • 15000 traffic per month from organic search results (clicks after entering words/ phrases in the search bar);
  • top positions by keywords;

The deadline for achieving the goals is in 4 months.

Key Stages of the Campaign

1. Search for a writer

Obviously, the usual writer will not be suitable for creating content on such a specific subject (as for most technological projects) since it’s necessary to find a person with experience in this field and expert opinion. Accordingly, the ideal performer would be a medical practitioner, who we found for our project within a month. Such a writer can provide a project with unique, original and high-quality professional content, which subsequently will positively influence behavioral factors.

2. Development of a content strategy plan

The team had created a semantic core (this is exactly the case when it is especially needed), under which a list of topics was developed for the site covering the entire core in the search.

3. Development of technical specifications

For each topic, SEM-specialists developed the necessary structure of the article and selected keywords so that the site could reach top positions as quickly as possible.

4. On-Page SEO

At this stage, all the technical optimization of the site, optimization of meta-tags and interlinking between articles were carried out.


Keywords Results
positions by keywords positions by keywords positions by keywords
Site Traffic Results

 site optimization results


The campaign advertising budget was $2000 for 4 months for SEO and $1000 for content.


  • Organic website traffic was 20.000/ month (out of 15.000 predicted).
  • 80% of the keywords out of the 90 required entered the top. The rest should be in the top positions within 2 months.